Weekend Health Retreat

$ 325.00

Live Your Best Life Naturally!  

Fight aging and inflammation using the power of Mother Nature.

This page is for the review and downpayment of a retreat to our farm-to-market Bed & Breakfast in Anderson, TX where you will learn our 9 principles lifestyle plan.  What we affectionately call the "Regen 9 for 90" plan, or the "Regenesis Diet".

The Regenesis lifestyle plan is a way of eating and living that helps the body maximize its potential to both maintain and regenerate its cells, tissues, and biochemical processes via nutrition.    The program also helps the body to heal or reverse chronic inflammation, metabolic disorders, and hormonal / endocrine / immune issues of many types   

The total cost of the retreat is 650$ for up to 2 persons for 2 days and nights.  The first 325$ is due upon booking, and all but 100$ is refundable in the instance you decide to cancel for any reason. 

A retreat is for 2 days and nights and often occurs over the weekend.  Time is reserved for a chosen block of time, subject to availability.  Dinner is served on the first night after 6 pm as schedules allow, with a late afternoon checkout on the last day.  Please contact us with any questions, to check for availability, or to make a reservation at:


If we need to cancel for any unexpected reason, we will happily reschedule as soon as possible.  The second half of the cost is due upon completion when checking out.

The weekend retreat includes:

  • 2 nights in the Guest House
  • 2 dinners with a choice of 3 entrees and sides (*)
  • 2 brunches with a choice of 2 options and sides (*)
  • selection of adult beverages in the evenings from our bar (*)
  • snacks (*)
  • recipe book (*)
  • notebook
  • A full-day lecture covering the 9 principles in detail
  • A Shopping trip to buy supplies for a cooking lesson (optional at your cost for groceries)
  • Cooking techniques/lesson/meal prep (optional if you choose to shop for supplies)
  • Access to the Pool / Hot Tub / Property
  • Unlimited questions as time permits

* = Regenesis (9 principles) Compatible