Regenesis UL

$ 24.45

Regenesis UL©, from Genesis BioHealthdelivers vitamins K2-MK4 & C in a blend of organically complexed Magnesium.  The magnesium and vitamin C help to provide more activation of the MK4.

This formula is the lowest dose member of our Regenesis product line.  This product features the same great blend of organically complexed magnesium and vitamin C, but only delivers a 100 microgram (mcg) dose of K2-MK4 in each capsule. 

This capsule is targeted at those who have been on a nutrient dense diet for more than 1 year and/or just want to use a low dose of MK4 for maintenance purposes.  It is also targeted at those that are sensitive to K2-MK4, wish to raise their dosage slowly, or want a conservative solution for MK4 that is in-line with the most current human studies. 

Vitamin K2-MK4 works effectively at 100 mcg when the body has adequate stores of vitamins C, D and A, there are no active diseases ongoing, and there are no mechanisms working to block MK4.  This product does not contain vitamins D, or A, so alternative sources must be incorporated to ensure success. 

Mixing and matching this product with our Magnesium© and Essential Minerals - Complete© products can offer an ideal supplement strategy.