Regenesis TS

$ 64.90

Regenesis TS©, from Genesis BioHealth, is a liquid delivery system for vitamin K2 MK4.  The formula delivers 1 mg of menatetrenone in each drop.  

The liquid delivery method is considered by many to be the most economical and flexible way of delivering therapeutic doses of MK4 to one or more family members.  The oil-based solution is especially useful for those that need the vitamin mixed into food, or have difficulty swallowing tablets and capsules. 

While lower doses of MK4 may be all that is necessary for the maintenance and improvement of general health, many people with more serious medical conditions want to follow the original Japanese protocol, using 45 mg of MK4 each day.  While we do not see additional benefits from higher dosing in most people, we provide this product for those who want to use MK4 in this way. 

For more info on our Regenesis products click here, or visit our more technical pages which outline some of the newest science surrounding K2-MK4.  These pages can be found in the "Health Benefits" section of our main site, here.

Vitamin K2-MK4 and magnesium, along with vitamins D3, C, and A, have been shown to be critical to the healthy production and regulation of a variety of K dependent proteins throughout the human body.  These K dependent proteins are critical in a variety of metabolisms, including many of the cellular repair and maintenance processes for the cardiovascular, skeletal, endocrine, immune, nervous, digestive and hormonal systems. 

This product does not contain vitamins D3, C, A, or magnesium, so alternative sources must be incorporated to ensure success.

Mixing and matching this product with our Magnesium© and Essential Minerals - Complete© products can offer an ideal supplement strategy.