Regenesis DA

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Energize, heal, and protect yourself the all-natural way.  Fight aging and inflammation using the power of Mother Nature.

Regenesis DA©, from Genesis BioHealth, delivers vitamins K2-MK4 (menatetrenone), D, A, & C in a blend of organically complexed Magnesium.  The magnesium and vitamins C, D3 and A help to provide more activation of the MK4. 

For more info on our Regenesis products click here, or visit our more technical pages which outline some of the newest science surrounding K2-MK4 (menatetrenone).  These pages can be found in the "Health Benefits" section of our main site, here.

Vitamin K2 and magnesium, along with vitamins A, C, & D, have been shown to be critical to the healthy production and regulation of a variety of K dependent proteins throughout the human body.  These K dependent proteins are critical in a variety of metabolisms, including many of our restorative physiologies.  One such well studied example for menatetrenone is the healthy transport and disposition of calcium between the skeleton and cardiovascular system.

Pairing this product to mix and match with our Magnesium© and Essential Minerals - Complete© products can offer an ideal supplement strategy.

Customer Reviews

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Improved Kidney Health

I was diagnosed with Stage III Kidney Failure and have been working to find ways to slow down or stop my kidneys from getting worse. I have been taking this supplement for the past year and my most recent doctor visit and had concerns as to how my kidneys were doing. My doctor said that he wasn't as concerned any more because my bloodwork showed that my kidneys had improved, which from everything I read was not possible. I was ecstatic with the news! Definitely keeping this in my program with lots of water!

Dear Sandy,

Many forms of Chronic Kidney Disease and other kidney issues are often driven from poor calcium physiology. MK4 positively impacts calcium physiology with proper usage. It is therefore easy to believe that the Regenesis had a positive impact. In any case we are very glad your Kidney function appears to be improving. Keep up the good work!

Warm regards. Collin

Dale Lash
Finest supplements available

All of the supplements I have used from Genesis BioHealth are far and away the finest I have found. The only supplement that I can say I actually feel the difference after taking. I take Regenesis DA, Regenesis UL, and Magnesium daily. They are the best that I have found, after taking supplements for over 20 years.

Thanks for your great review. We are indeed glad our supplements are helping you. We appreciate your continuing support for our business. Thanks Collin

wm scott graeme
Great product & service

I feel this supplement helps my system stay on an even keel. The free shipping (for a $100 purchase) works well with my budget.

Scott, thanks for your review and for being a valued customer. We are glad our product helps you and appreciate you continuing business.

Best regards. Collin