Farm - Probiotic Veggies - Turmeric Garlic Cauliflower

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Pre & Probiotic Live Lacto Fermented Vegetables.

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Lacto fermented vegetables, fruit, and dairy are a delicious and important part of a healthy diet and are key for protecting, healing, and maintaining the GI tract as well as boosting the entire immune system. 

Each of our fermented vegetable products contain a wide variety of live healthy bacteria.  These typeS of bacteria help aid digestion, protect the lining of the GI tract, boost the immune system, and work in symbiosis to provide a wealth of vitamins and nutrients.  A few small servings a week can provide a tremendous impact when coupled with a diet that minimizes "preservatives" in processed foods.

Great by itself, or as a flavorful garnish to add zing to a wide variety of other foods.

Ingredients: cauliflower, turmeric, garlic, water, salt

fresh, organic, and naturally fermented 9 days.  Must be Refrigerated, bleed CO2 Occasionally.

16 Oz 

(Not produced in a commercial kitchen)