Supplements - Essential Minerals - Complete

$ 23.10

Live Your Best Life Naturally!  

Energize, heal, and protect yourself the all-natural way.  Fight aging and inflammation using the power of Mother Nature.

Essential Minerals - Complete©, from Genesis BioHealth is a premium blend of organically complexed minerals. 

Rather than providing an extensive laundry list of minerals, We have chosen to include significant amounts of the minerals most impacting health, and also the most difficult to get in an average diet.  These minerals are thought by many experts to be the ones most beneficial to supplement.  Each serving is packed into 4 small and easy to take capsules that contain no fillers to harm the GI tract, or otherwise interfere with cellular biochemistry.  Each serving contains only the highest quality organically complexed forms of:

  • Magnesium  168 mg
  • Calcium        168 mg
  • Boron               3 mg
  • Zinc                11 mg
  • Copper          0.9 mg

Made to go along with a traditional nutrient-rich diet, our products help to restore and maintain the body’s reserves of key micronutrients.  Common meats, fruits, and vegetables available today have 30%-50% less of these targeted compounds than did those from 100 years ago.  Without adequate reserves of these key co-factors, health can be negatively affected.

The minerals in this formula are critical for activating, regulating, and contributing to hundreds of vital physiological processes.  The skeletal, cardiovascular, nervous, immune, and endocrine systems all depend critically upon healthy mineral metabolism surrounding these co-factors.  The healthy function for every cell type in the tissues of the body also depends upon them. 

Essential Minerals – Complete© helps to support healthy mineral metabolism and therefore offers wide support for robust health.

To aid in achieving optimal health, pair this product with our Magnesium and Regenesis products.  By combining all three products with a nutrient-rich diet, health can be supported in a very robust way.