Advanced Magnesium Supplements

Blended and Balanced Products to Better Mimic the Diversity of Mother Nature!

Moderation and Variety are Critical Rules for Optimal Nutrition, Why Should We Accept Less in Our Supplements?

Our Magnesium products contain a blend of 4 different fully reacted and highly absorbable magnesium complexes.  We blend these different types of magnesium to aid absorption, ease digestibility, and provide a variety of useful secondary health benefits.  These secondary benefits are in addition to that of magnesium.  Specifically our products are targeted to provide support for better operation of the Brain, Skeletal, Nervous, Muscular and Endocrine systems and to additionally aid production of more cellular energy.   

The "Magnesium+" product adds calcium citrate at an approximately 1:1 ratio by weight with magnesium.  Because calcium is so much more prevalent in the modern diet than is magnesium, a 1:1 ratio is considered by many to be an optimal ratio for a supplement.  The more magnesium a person supplements, the more important it is to have additional calcium.  

Calcium and Magnesium must work together to build, maintain and fire the neurons and cells of the body.  They also must work together to build and maintain all the body's organs and tissues and to allow their cells to communicate properly throughout the body.  

Calcium is much easier to get naturally in a typical diet compared to magnesium, which has been largely stripped from industrial farm lands.  Because of the imbalance of these minerals in a modern diet, many consider a 1:1 ratio to be ideal from a supplement perspective.  Our products provide this critical balance.  If taken together with Vitamins K2-MK4, A and D, as found in our Regenesis line, then calcium metabolism is rescued and calcium in the body can be properly assimilated into the skeleton, rather than depositing in the skin, soft tissues, and organs.

When Magnesium, Calcium and sufficient quantities of the fat soluble vitamins start to work together to fuel chronically deprived metabolic pathways, amazing things can sometimes happen!