Herbal Teas

Herbal Teas from Genesis BioHealth are designed to act as natural supplements.  In addition to a substantial dose of basic minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients, they also use natures own unique medicines to help balance, support and stabilize the metabolism.  By helping to better balance the cooperation between the systems of the body, these blends of herbs can help us to more easily weather some of life's challenges.

The herbs in our teas are all blended in their rough natural state in our own compounding facility.  The natural state of the bulk herbs allows them to provide a wonderful balance of colors, flavors, textures, aroma's, tastes, and actions.  Each of the herbs used in our proprietary formula's is certified 100% USDA Organic.  They are sourced from distributors buying from the finest growers in the world.  

We achieve our formula's by blending herbs taken from the 3 major systems of herbal medicine.  Each unique formula complements the others, yet offers its own individual flavors and targeted medicinal actions.  By mixing and matching the individual base teas, a user can boost their nutrition, improve their health, and quench their appetites all at the same time.

By using a variety of teas over time, a person can enjoy the soothing warm aroma's and pleasant tastes, while also benefiting from the many time-tested medicinal qualities of the blended herbs.