Announcement! January 30, 2015 12:39

Labels have been updated.  This was both to fix some errors and also to make way for the new "No Calcium" line.  The new labels will by cycled in as new inventory is added.  Currently, the Regenesis DA line has a misspelled word of "Menatetranone".  This is a misspelling.  The new label will read correctly as "Menatetrenone"

Based on some very valued customer feedback, we will also be "re-formulating" our line to provide more flexibility around Calcium.   Shortly, there will be dual products both with, and without, Calcium...these lines will be the Magnesium, and Magnesium+ products.  The Regenesis and Regenesis+ Products.  And the Regenesis DA and Regenesis+ DA Products, respectively.  

In this way, customers will be able to gain control of Calcium levels also.  By blending the Regenesis, with any of the Regenesis+, the Magnesium and/or Magnesium+, For instance, you can independently control calcium dosing relative to both magnesium, K2 and A and D3.  All while keeping our same quality raw materials having virtually no fillers (Only the DA line, currently has a very small amount of filler).  While our "+" products are roughly 1:1 Calcium to Magnesium, we understand that many customers may want to obtain Calcium from another source.  We decided to add the flexibility to our product offerings.