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New Product Announcement! - Regenesis DA February 27, 2015 00:00

Regenesis DA is now ready and available to ship on Monday!

New Product Announcement! February 13, 2015 21:21

Genesis BioHealth is proud to announce its next product!  Its name is simple and provides the idea behind the product.  It is...ta da...

"Magnesium"  We think it self-explanatory!

Please check it out in our webstore.  As simple name for a pure product...just pure magnesium chelate blend and a capsule...NO FILLERS!  NO ADULTERANTS!  Just  your nutrients and your capsule.    Give it a try today!

New Product Added! February 9, 2015 17:03

Due to popular request, we have now added the first product in our new "Regenesis Collection".  In the coming weeks, check back.  We will also be adding the "Magnesium" and "Regenesis DA" products to this collection, also with no added calcium.  The Regenesis product is the flagship product in this collection, so it was added first.  The Regenesis product is actually the original prototype product.  Later in the development cycle, calcium was added to the formula in a near 1:1 ratio with magnesium.  In the body, Calcium and Magnesium need to be balanced near 1:1 for smooth and relaxed muscle control.  People taking higher levels of magnesium (over approximately 300 mg of elemental magnesium), should strongly consider also supplementing with calcium.  This is because it becomes progressively more difficult to obtain enough calcium from the diet to keep a 1:1 ratio as magnesium dosage is raised.  This is true even for those on calcium rich diets.  Vitamin K2-MK4 allows the body to properly metabolize calcium.

Announcement! January 30, 2015 12:39

Labels have been updated.  This was both to fix some errors and also to make way for the new "No Calcium" line.  The new labels will by cycled in as new inventory is added.  Currently, the Regenesis DA line has a misspelled word of "Menatetranone".  This is a misspelling.  The new label will read correctly as "Menatetrenone"

Based on some very valued customer feedback, we will also be "re-formulating" our line to provide more flexibility around Calcium.   Shortly, there will be dual products both with, and without, Calcium...these lines will be the Magnesium, and Magnesium+ products.  The Regenesis and Regenesis+ Products.  And the Regenesis DA and Regenesis+ DA Products, respectively.  

In this way, customers will be able to gain control of Calcium levels also.  By blending the Regenesis, with any of the Regenesis+, the Magnesium and/or Magnesium+, For instance, you can independently control calcium dosing relative to both magnesium, K2 and A and D3.  All while keeping our same quality raw materials having virtually no fillers (Only the DA line, currently has a very small amount of filler).  While our "+" products are roughly 1:1 Calcium to Magnesium, we understand that many customers may want to obtain Calcium from another source.  We decided to add the flexibility to our product offerings.

Price Drop! January 25, 2015 10:00

Genesis BioHealth Open for Business! January 16, 2015 23:51

Welcome All!  Genesis BioHealth is now officially open for business.  Thanks to all those of you who pre-ordered!  Product will begin shipping on Monday.  We appreciate your patronage!

Pre-Order Special 20% off January 12, 2015 07:31

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  • Grand Opening on Friday the 16th.
  • Orders welcome now, products begin shipping next week.