Nutritional Commentary


This is an interesting article that provides a review of the developing science.…/pork-traditi…/

However, to truly by healthy and provide the body with the resources necessary to activate the restorative VKDP metabolisms, the meats need to be from TRULY "pastured" animals.  This means, really, that the animal has spent his or her days eating an all natural diet.  This primarily means no grains in the animals diet, but ample amounts of green grass, and lots of sunlight each week.

It is harder to find the real high quality true grass feed beef, pork or chicken, in some regions than others.  Supermarket versions of "grass-fed" meat need to be carefully evaluated.  Marketing claims and regulatory protocal, ensure that many, if not most, of these mass market offerings are still industrially raised animals fed synthetic diets that "MAY" include some real grass of a legal amount.  

For true grass fed meat, with lots of vitamin K2-MK4, the homogeneity of the meat, and the color of the fat, are critical indicators.  Truly grass fed meat will have a deep rich yellow color to the fat.  It will not be white or translucent.

There are websites that allow people to find sources of such meat and dairy in their area. There are several in vendors in our area that will deliver free of charge for orders over 100$. Else-wise, such meat can be found at the farmers market.

One locator service such we have utilized is "". There may be others. However, with little effort, we were able to quickly link up with sustainable and quality local food providers in our area.

We have found that truly pastured meat, with the bone and fat cooked in...makes a wonderfully delicious & nutritious meal, eaten with in-season local vegetables and local dairy. All from sustainable sources and methods.  Most importantly.  Eating such a traditional diet, as advocated by the WAPF, will help restore critical endocrine function that is missing from most of us.

It isn't all about the fatty acid distribution either, or macro-nutrients in general! Inclusions of such foods in the diet, leads to higher levels of Vitamin K2-MK4, and natural sources of many other micro-nutrients that are both necessary and critical for the successful activation of the bodies dormant VKDP biochemistry. Until then supplements are available...check our website!